What are the advantageous of rewriting jQuery?

At first its important to understand why we are using jQuery. This is a really important question that you have to find your answer own your own.


important ones:

  1. It provides structure to JavaScript
  2. Templating
  3. Two-way data-binding
  4. Modular development

other reason:

  1. Browser compatibility — doing something like .attr() is much easier than the native alternatives, and won’t break across browsers.
  2. Simplification of usually complicated operations — if you’d like to see a well written cross browser compatible version of an XHR method, take a look at the source for $.ajax — for this method alone it’s almost worth the overhead of jQ
  3. DOM selection — simple things like binding events & selecting DOM elements can be complicated and differ per-browser. Without a lot of knowledge, they can also be easily written poorly and slow down your page.
  4. Access to future features — things like .indexOf and .bind are native javascript, but not yet supported by many browsers. However, using the jQuery versions of these methods will allow you to support them cross browser.


At first i was not quite sure that this will be help me for learning more about javascript coding and find out how jQuery works especially $ , but at the end i liked that and i was as happy as :

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