Bible for Children

Bible in a delightful, simple package for children

The world’s best-selling book of all time is given a fantastic, colourful appearance in this book introducing Bible for children. The book contains 76 stories in a simple, illustrated layout. The 76 stories have been simplified and try to cover all the major events that are written in the Bible and moves chronologically, from creation to Ascension of Jesus. This smooth sequencing makes it easier for children to grasp the order of events and the growth of characters.

Another good bit about the book is that it covers not just the popular stories (Noah’s Ark, Moses in the Bulrushes, etc.), but also covers the lesser-known stories, stories that find very few references in popular culture and imagination. The illustrations (each page has one, either in a single page illustration or as double-spread) that are used to depict key scenes from each story use a colourful, yet sombre palette that helps maintain the seriousness of the original book. This balance works very well for the book.

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