Must-Have First Books for Toddlers

Often, books for little children are really tough to buy. Questions such as, what kind of books can my toddler who does not know words read? What is the right age for my child to begin reading book? It’s simple. Start at the very beginning and start as young as you can.

The four books in My First Book — My First 100 Animals, My First 100 Words, My First Picture Dictionary, My First All in 1 — offer an interesting mix of books and topics for early learning. The books have used a now-familiar teaching and learning technique, which has become more popular in the recent years: that of using real photographs rather than illustrations to familiarise children with various objects. The focus here is to make the educational experience closer to real life with real pictures, and to create curiosity among children about various things while aiding their development. For example, My First 100 Animals clearly categorises animals and birds into clear groups. This helps the child associate a particular animal with its known habitat, and so the child knows that while a dog is a pet, a lion is a wild animal.

Similarly, in My First 100 Words the focus is on familiarising children with things they see or find in their immediate environment, i.e, home, playground, in storybooks, television, colours they spot etc., and they are categorised accordingly into subgroups to make distinctions between what belongs in their home and what belong outside their home.

Another huge advantage that these books offer is in the form of the open, well-spaced layouts. Many previous books in this category have appeared cramped because too much is going on in one page or spread. Here, the background of the books is colourful without being overwhelming, used in contrast to the images, and the photographs appear big, popping right out of the pages.

With its focus on visual learning, these four books under the My First Book series hit the nail when it comes to books for toddlers.

My First All in 1
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