Introducing Pegasus — A Reliable Stake Pool for Cardano’s Shelley era

About the operators

The pool is run by three brothers based in London from the UK with computer science degrees and over fifteen years of software development experience, and with system operation and server administration skills.


When it comes to selecting the pool for delegation there are essentially three major factors in the process.

  • tax-fixed: this is the fixed cut the stake pool will take from the total reward due to the stake pool
  • tax-ratio: this is the percentage of the remaining value that will be taken from the total due
  • tax-limit: a value that can be set to limit the pool's Tax
  • tax-fixed: 0 ADA
  • tax-ratio: 5%
  • tax-limit: 0 ADA


Pegasus is a reliable and transparent Cardano stake pool committed to increase the security and decentralisation of the network. Its website will have useful chain and pool explorers with stake distribution information for the community to use as a gateway into the Cardano blockchain.

Get in touch

Got a question or a feature request? Reach out via the contact form or through Twitter and Telegram.



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