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DISCLAIMER: As of September 2019, Pantheon has been renamed to Hyperledger Besu. In posts prior to September 2019, we refer to the Ethereum client as Pantheon.

The PegaSys team is excited to announce the launch of our partner program. This program is meant for startups and enterprises building with Pantheon, providing enablement like special technical content, closer collaboration on roadmap, and updates on Pantheon upgrades.

Interested in joining the program?

Reach out here!

We’re excited to have an initial group of launch partners that represents companies building tooling and products on Ethereum geared for production, from key use cases like real estate loans (Refineryy), payments (ioBuilders), and food traceability (Atato), to tooling like blockchain explorers and web3j (web3labs), and Blockchain as a Service (Rockside).

All of our partners have passed the Pantheon Essentials certification, indicating they have full expertise on building Pantheon networks and running Ethereum apps with PegaSys’ tools. Our partners represent some of the deepest expertise in Ethereum, smart contracts, and getting enterprises into production.

Here are our initial launch partners:


Atato is a blockchain service provider that helped build a food traceability solution using Ethereum for Pacifical, the largest producer of sustainably caught tuna. Atato also helped build an energy trading application for tokenization of excess energy on the grid, to trade and sell. They also do custom builds and advisory and will launch another Pantheon-based product soon.


ioBuilders was the first team to build a production-ready app using Pantheon, with ioCash, an app built for B2B payments using tokenized Euros. The team has also worked closely with leading consortia like Alastria, and has done great work building blockchain networks and applications for leading financial institutions in Spain and Latin America.

Refineryy designs is building an Ethereum-based solution for debt capital markets. Their work simplifies real estate workflows that are currently siloed, by automating regulatory compliant financial instruments by using smart contracts. They are currently working on a pilot for the real estate market with a number of leading banks and other financial institutions.


Rockside provides enterprise-ready blockchain infrastructure, simplifying the process of deployment for blockchain networks. Rockside Cloud is a fully managed solution that debuted at EthCC 19. Users can create private networks or mainnet/testnet nodes for Ethereum, deployed to popular clouds like AWS and Azure and integrated with enterprise tools like Hashicorp Vault.

Web3 Labs

Web3 Labs (formerly is the innovative team behind web3j and Epirus, an enterprise-grade blockchain explorer. Web3 Labs were some of the first teams working on Enterprise Ethereum and bringing Java to Ethereum. The team also provides consulting services and supported integrating web3j with Pantheon and enhancing Pantheon’s privacy features.

Partner Program Benefits

PegaSys partners get access to special technical content, discounted training, and collaborative go-to-market efforts.

How to Become a Partner

It is easy (and free!) to become a partner with PegaSys:

Step 1: Complete the Pantheon Certification.

Step 2: Schedule an introductory call with PegaSys team to discuss collaboration efforts.

Step 3: Sign the Partner Agreement.

If you are interested in becoming a partner or a demo of our partners’ Pantheon-based apps, please get in touch.

PegaSys is a thought leader in the Enterprise Ethereum space. Want to join the team? Check out our list of open roles.

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PegaSys is the protocol engineering spoke at ConsenSys.

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PegaSys is the protocol engineering spoke at ConsenSys.

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