Being open about mental health

Bell has made today, January 28th, a day to be aware of mental health. Bell is using the hashtag #bellletstalk to promote awareness of those who suffer from mental health issues. This includes depression, anxiety, OCD, and more.

I was diagnosed roughly two years ago with anxiety disorder. It is high anxiety which is the root cause to an embarrassing problem — irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). It also leads to unreasonable fears such as traveling, and future events that may not even happen.

Since being properly diagnosed, I have been put on medication. One to help with the IBS (lowers the pain) and one for my anxiety. Although they help, the problem is still there. I’ve seen a psychologist, and will do so again.

I’m feeling overwhelmed today to be honest. Looking through the Twitter feed, I’m seeing an abundance of people coming out and sharing their personal stories. It’s easy to stuff my anxiety problem in my pocket and try not to deal with it.

Today is a reminder that I should keep it out in the open, and be less ashamed of it. Yes, I do feel ashamed. I do feel silly. I do feel embarrassment. I do feel “it’s just in my head”.

So here is me using #bellletstalk as an opportunity. I’m talking about it.

Know I won’t look down on you if you do too.

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