A beginners guide to the top gamers on YouTube

Last week we witnessed big-time gamer Felix Kjellberg (aka PewDiePie) bringing in the new year in style — with the announcement of his very own entertainment network. The popular YouTube creator has already signed a whole host of fellow gamers to the network. Unsurprisingly, this “Avengers-like” talent list consists of some very big names, and one or two we are ashamed to say even we don’t know. You heard it here first; we don’t know everything.

With the look of humiliation still on our faces, we’ve set you the challenge of naming the top 20 gamers on YouTube. It’s not so funny now is it?! Luckily for you, we’ve already given you the first one. Test yourself, see how many you can name and send in your scores. Answers will be provided at the end. No cheating!

One thing that really stands out is the sheer volume of views and subscribers gamers receive. The last two have an average subscriber count of 6.7 million, and each have total views exceeding 1.8 billion. Gaming can no longer be considered a niche hobby with stats like these. With so many of these creators being unfamiliar names to most of us, it’s about time we started taking gamers a lot more seriously.

Originally published at blog.peg.co on January 26, 2016.