Couples Game Questions That Will Turn Into Sex

These sexy couples game questions come with four answer choices for you and your sexual cohort to choose from and enjoy.

Pegg Deep
Pegg Deep
Nov 15, 2016 · 3 min read

Read the question and its answers out loud, guess what the other would answer, and vice versa. They might surprise you, and you them, but either way, steamy windows and rumpled sheets are a guarantee.

To me, the _____, the better.

1. Rougher

2. Softer and Gentle

3. Less Effort

4. Kinkier

Did you guess their answer right? Did they guess yours? Are you guys alrea- You’re already doing it, aren’t you.

If it’s my birthday, what would be the perfect sexual birthday gift?

1. Going down on me to full completion.

2. Letting me lie back, and they do all the work.

3. Having them lie back, and I do whatever I want.

4. Adding a third person of their choice into the mix.

It’s about time to start knocking boots like cowboys at a jamboree.

Which do I find most important in a lover?

1. Their skills.

2. Physical attraction.

3. Romantic connection.

4. Willingness to experiment.

I mean, all four are probably important, but which is the most important, and have you orgasmed yet?

Which of these fetishes is most likely to spark my fancy?


2. Role Playing

3. Exhibitionism

4. Group Sex/Swinging

Who knows, maybe you’ll come up with some answers to these couples game questions of your own (or find some answers under the sheets.)

Not saying I need the help, but I wouldn’t mind adding this into the rotation:

1. Toys for internal use (dildos, beads, plugs).

2. A person/Additional people.

3. Toys for external use (handcuffs, flogger, paddle).

4. Roleplaying (costumes, personality and scenario acting).

Check that gif out. Maybe someday I’ll be able to bang against a floor-to-ceiling window looking out over the metropolis I rule over. Or, like, splurge on a hotel room. Tomato, tomato.

Which old-school sex thing do I most want to try (or do again soon)?

1. Sex in the car at a drive-in.

2. Phone sex.

3. Read an erotic novel.

4. Strip Poker.

I’m sure you’re looking up at the mirror that hangs above your bed by now after reading these couples game questions. Comment below if you came up with some good answers of your own!

Originally published at Pegg.

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