Hillary Clinton Introduces New Campaign Slogan: “No, We Can’t”
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

Senator Bernie Sanders has the qualities and abilities of a true leader! Bernie is fair, kind, honest, humble, energetic, authentic, intelligent, experienced, and passionate about helping every child succeed in this country, thus collectively building a stronger and brighter USA for future generations! Bernie’s health care budget will save the average family $5,000 a year! Bernie is democratic (by the people) socialist (for the people). These democratic socialists programs built this country including our schools, our roads, our national parks, (which saved the buffalo), our US Post Office, social security, our fire depts, our military, etc etc Bernie is not communist. Bernie is Jewish the opposite of communist! Bernie’s goal is to raise the min wage to $15 an hour which is fair and long over due and will also grow the economy. When people make more they contribute more to small business and competition keeps prices down which creates more balance within the economy. Check out Bernie’s long record of helping ordinary people on you tube. The veterans of foreign wars recently gave Bernie the highest congressional award for his fight for veterans. 170 top economists say Bernie’s budget will save the middle class and grow the economy. Get involved! Pass out fliers and make phone calls. Go to berniesanders.com for more information and contribute $5, $10, what you can afford! Check out your voting laws in your state today and remember every vote counts in this very important election. Vote smart! Vote Bernie!

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