Hippie Headlines: Week of 6/19/2017

For those of us who are in need of a little GOOD news.

Man Travels U.S. in “Kindness Bus” to Encourage Tolerance

Bob Votruba spreading kindness

Bob Votruba is a man on a mission, a mission to spread kindness and promote tolerance in everyone he meets. His mission actually goes beyond this, in fact, Bob hopes that his positive example will encourage those he reaches to participate in acts of kindness themselves, one million acts of kindness to be exact. His tools include an old touring style bus painted with dozens of positive, uplifting messages of wisdom, a bicycle with many of the same signs, and a mind bending touring schedule.

On his website, [[http://www.onemillionactsofkindness.com/about/]]Bob explains: “ One Million Acts Of Kindness is a goal. A goal for each person to individually perform One Million Acts Of Kindness in their life. Can you imagine a greater goal for one’s life? It is a constant mind-set of kindness every day of your life for the next fifty-five years. Doing for others and kindness in your heart for everyone. It is my wish that you will dedicate your life to a charity… finding the passion in your heart for something or someone in need.”

Currently Bob, along with his dog Bogart, are touring the nation to promote tolerance for children that have Autism and Down’s Syndrome. To view his bus, and all of the wonderful wisdom it contains, be sure to check out this video below:

Bob is a kindness hero!

It’s Still Not Too Late to Vote for Your Favorite Dog Hero!

Abby is one of the 2017 finalists for the Search and Rescue category. Oh my, that FACE!

The annual “Humane Hero Dog Awards” ceremony is slated to take place on September 16, 2017 in Beverly Hills California. The “Humane Hero Dog Awards” features dogs who have overcome adversity to bring purpose and healing to their respective communities. The contest is in the second round of eliminations with voting open to the public until the end of June. There are seven categories for the public to vote on: Law Enforcement/Arson Heroes; Emerging Heroes ( those new to saving the world); Guide/Hearing Heroes; Military Heroes; Search and Rescue Heroes; Service Heroes; and Therapy Heroes. At the culmination of this phase, the contestant list will be reduced to eight dog hero finalists. Each dog hero finalist will be flown to Beverly Hills with their owners and in addition to being recognized, American Humane will donate $2500 to each of the finalists’ charity of choice. The Dog Hero of the Year will earn an extra $5000 to be donated to the charity of his/her choice.

Some of the past winners include Ellie, a therapy dog who challenges the stereotypes of pit bills and brings love and joy to not only children, but to senior citizens, and even the police department.

To vote, go the website [[http://herodogawards.org/vote/]]. Voters can vote once per day in multiple categories until June 28, 12:00 PM Pacific Time. Winners will be announced July 12th. Happy voting!

Summer Festivals are Plentiful on Everfest.com

Screen shot of everfest search screen

For anyone looking for a super awesome, fun-filled festival to take a family or special person to, look no further. The website Everfest.com [[https://www.everfest.com/find]] is here to guide its users to a list of festivals in any local area, during any time period. It is possible to search via city, state, or keyword to find the perfect festival for any group of people. For those who are in need of a little “flower power”, a keyword search using the word “Woodstock” generated two pages of results including the following festival in Chicago that takes place at the end of July.

Give Peace a Chance!

So as the prime time news starts to turn dark, bring up this website and find an uplifting festival in your town today!

Positive Vibes “Trending” on YouTube June 19

The internet can be a place of unending bad news and horrific videos portraying hatred, bigotry, and violence. But not all internet videos are dark. Here are two videos on the YouTube “trending list” that are worth a look.

  1. Gymnast Johanna Quaas, who happens to be 91-years-old, recently performed her parallel bars routine in Berlin. No, that is not a type-o, this gymnast is 91 years old! The video is below:

2. The second trending video with a positive vibe features engineer Mark Rober who has designed a “friendly” car horn. This car horn has three settings, two of which “tone down” a car’s natural harsh tones. The third one, well…

Have a great week, filled with uplifting and positive things!

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