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Two Books I Can’t Wait to Read Are Waiting for Me

Today I dropped off the last two books I read at our town’s public library and moseyed over to the new book shelf to see if I’d find something new to read. If not, I knew I’d have to hit the massive array of fiction shelves.

I got lucky!

On the new book shelf in the fiction area, which at my smallish library, consists of maybe fifty books new to the library. The books may or may not be newly published books, but that’s okay. The selection in the general fiction area didn’t grab me. But in the section of new large print books, oh momma! Score!

The Story of Arthur Truluv

I first spotted Elizabeth Berg’s new book, The Story of Arthur Truluv. Yes, it’s actually new. Well, new last year in 2017, which to me is new.

The Story of Arthur Truluv is described as an “emotionally powerful novel about three people who’ve lost the ones they love most, only to find second chances where they least expect them.”

This sounds like a typical book by Elizabeth Berg. A character-driven book that tells a big story in a personal way. I love her writing and think I’ll escape into this novel as soon as I finish writing this article.

White Houses

After gleefully pulling The Story of Arthur Truluv from the shelf, I spotted White Houses by Amy Bloom. Oh dear! Two great novels in one day! This novel was published this year, in 2018, which tells me I certainly haven’t read it yet. It’s been a few years since I’ve read any of Amy Bloom’s books.

But, I’ve read all of her books. And I love them all.

This one is described thusly:

“A beautiful, unexpected, and forbidden affair unfolds against a turning point in American history in this moving and romantic novel by the New York Times bestselling author of Away, Lucky Us, and Where the God of Love Hangs Out.”

The aforementioned affair happens to be the one between Lorena Hickok and Eleanor Roosevelt. Oh my!

Which to Read First?

White Houses appears to be a tad heavier than The Story of Arthur Truluv. But either of these literary fiction novels will do the trick. The trick being escape.

With my hectic life right now, escape is exactly what I need.

I can’t wait to read them both!