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Tips on Easing your Colic Baby

Are you dealing with a colicky baby? Don’t worry you are not alone. It is fairly common in most healthy babies, but unfortunately the cause of it is unknown. What is known, it makes your baby cry excessively at a much louder and higher pitch than normal. This usually happens during the evening hours, around the second week of life, up until your baby is about three months of age. I know from experience with my first-born, it was exhausting, I used to find myself crying alongside him, desperately trying to make things better. This is something that will eventually go away on its own. Meanwhile, here are some tips to help ease the symptoms.

Modify Diet

If you’re nursing, try to change your diet by eliminating any foods or beverages that can cause gas to your baby like dairy products, caffeine, broccoli, cabbage, peppers, spicy foods, foods high in acid like oranges, and grapefruit. If your baby is formula fed, look into possibly changing it to a soy-based formula, (Consult with your Pediatrician).

Gas Drops

You can use some gas drops like mylicon. It has an ingredient that causes the gas bubbles to break up. You can add it to water, formula, or breast milk. It is pretty safe to use, (Consult with your Pediatrician).

Bike Pedaling

Place your baby on their back, and move both legs in a circular motion as if they are riding a bike.

Skin -on- Skin Contact

Having skin on skin contact with your baby is known to be one of the best ways to calm a baby with colic.

Give your baby a Massage

Have your baby lay on their back and with the palm of your hand over their belly button area use your fingers and thumb to rub in a gentle circular motion (clockwise) on their tummy. Another way of soothing your baby is gently massaging their legs, arms, back, chest, and feet. If you want to use any lotions, or oils.

Make Some Soothing Sounds

While holding your baby, try making some sounds like either humming or shushing them in their ear as you’re gently moving into a beat.

Swaddle your baby

Some babies do well with being swaddled, it gives them a sense of comfort as if they were still in the womb. So try gently rocking him or her while being swaddled.

Football Hold

Place your baby with their stomach facing down over your forearm, with each leg hanging on each side of the arm and their cheek is laying across the palm of your hand. This position is supposed to cause some pressure from the forearm being against the stomach.

Go outside with your baby

Taking your baby out for a car ride or going for a stroll around the neighborhood may help soothe your baby and even put them to sleep.

White Noise

Having your baby around white noise like a fan, washer machine, vacuum, dishwasher machine, or even investing in a white- noise machine will help soothe a baby with colic because it can make them feel like they are still in the womb.

Dealing with a colicky baby can be exhausting for both you and your baby. There are different ways to help soothe your baby.

Do you have any other tips you would like to share? Please feel free to comment below.