Apple expected to announce a smaller iPhone and iPad

Apple’s spring press conference is going small.

At 10 a.m. PT today, Apple CEO Tim Cook will announce the company’s latest product updates. The event will take place at Apple’s Cupertino campus, a modest venue that holds fewer reporters and guests than other popular Apple event locations. The headliner is expected to be a smaller version of the iPhone, followed by a smaller version of the iPad Pro.

iPhone but smaller

The key marketing words for Apple products have usually been thinner, faster, bigger. iPhones have grown up over the past nine years, going from the original 3.5-inch display to the iPhone 6S Plus’ 5.5-inch screen. Apple is expected to go the opposite direction and announce a new iPhone that’s actually smaller.

Likely called the iPhone SE or iPhone 5SE, the new smartphone will feature a four-inch display, making it the same size as the three-year-old iPhone 5S. Externally it will bear only minor design changes. Even though its design is retro, the phone’s internals will be all modern and on par with the iPhone 6S. Look for an A9 chip, better camera, and NFC for Apple Pay.

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