Tall Ships Challenge® Great Lakes 2016

The Tall Ships are coming to the Great Lakes this summer. The ships rotate between the Atlantic, Pacific and Great Lakes each year so it will be three years before they come this way again.

The schedule is preliminary and subject to change and the exact ships that will be coming have not yet been announced.

But they will be participating in series of port to port races and will be in all five Great Lakes.

About Tall Ships America

Founded in 1973, Tall Ships America is a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching youth education through character building and leadership programs aboard tall ships. It is the hub for tall ship activity, expertise, and information in North America, and is commended by Congress as the Sail Training organization representing the United States in the international forum. Tall Ships America supports the people, ships and programs of sail training through grants, scholarships, conferences, education, publications, and public events and advocacy.

The mission of Tall Ships America is to encourage character building through sail training, promote sail training to the North American public, and support education under sail.

TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® races and cruises are held at sea, between ports. Precise race routes and schedules will be announced.