Nutter Fort Primary Witch Hunt
Yvonne Loar

You still seem to be missing the point. 
There was a parent teacher conference just a few weeks ago and a pageant they knew was coming up. You have a kid on the spectrum. Why didn’t the teacher make sure that the permission slip was received? If this is an issue of the boy not turning in his papers to the parent, then the IEP should have covered this. Does he need an aide? Does he need additional reminders? Does the teacher need to directly communicate with the parents? 
These things should be covered in his IEP. It’s up to the school to make sure all communication from school to parent is read. Things go missing on the bus, go missing at school, are left in desks, organization is an almost universal problem with kids on the spectrum. It’s up to the school to be aware and address these needs- BY LAW. This is why most schools have logs and planners sent home and signed nightly.

It was the school’s responsibility to make sure this was communicated to the parents. I will buy that it was not. But then you have the additional issue of apparently extra-curricular activities going on that involve the class and IDEA (federal law) requires that these also be included in the IEP. That means if he needs an aid for after school activities or he needs transportation, it needs to be provided. BY LAW. 
In not providing the special needs child these things, they were violating the law. Had they done what they were legally obligated to, Caleb would have been prepared, the parents would have known what was going on and the school would not have had to add the role of the turkey at the last minute. 
This is 100% on the school. It could have all been prevented. 
It also could have been prevented if the teacher just allowed him to say his Gobble Gobble or whatever he intended to say after waiting patiently in line and be done with it.
There is literally a lawsuit here if the parents choose to pursue it. It may not have been this teacher’s fault directly, but what you are saying is actually worse than what the video shows because it’s not about just a teacher being rude, it’s about a school district violating the civil rights of the disabled.

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