New year, time to start writing

Having not written anything besides code for the past year, my ability to express myself in words has been slowly leaving me. In fact, it already took around 5 minutes just for me to write the previous two sentences. This shall hopefully be the first of many posts where I pen my thoughts down and keep my writing skills intact.

New Year Resolutions

This should really have been written on the first day of new year, but the procrastination bug seemed to have followed me through 2017 to 2018. So here I am, writing about my new year’s resolution on the 2nd day of the new year. Oh boy.

1. Practice Algorithms and OO concepts

Revising and improving the academic part of software engineering has been one of the goals that was always on my mouth for the last quarter of 2017, but never really start trying. I find it difficult to start on something that I know is solely for interviews and will most likely forget them all over again when a new job is found. My current job is also not that bad that would make me desperate enough to be actively looking for jobs. That being said, I do feel a creeping air of complacency around for the past months. The current environment is too comfortable. I know I need to move out of this comfort zone. I should probably force myself into a routine of doing bits and pieces instead of just thinking about it.

2. Sleep More

I don’t like to compromise on the things that I want to do everyday. I have been viewing my sleep hours as something that is easily exchangeable for hours to do the other things that I like. That being said, I still feel there’s no need for any compromise, but less procrastination and less hours on mindless youtube binging would definitely solve the problem. I see the real problem here as poor self-discipline more than anything. But man, self-discipline is hard.

3. Explore ethereum smart contract development

I remain skeptical about the whole new wave of cryptocurrency companies, as well as the industry as a whole, but the one coin I’m confident that will survive the inevitable crash is Ethereum. I would leave the reasons for another article, but beyond profits and mooning memes, getting involved in the development of the platform and joining the development community is definitely something I would like to get into. This is perhaps the one thing that I’m most interested in now.

4. Improve swimming

Swimming is now my new found sports hobby and its one that I definitely want to be better on. Having just learned how to barely swim for 3 months, there are still many things about swimming that I could improve on, mainly posture and breathing techniques. Swimming has fit my need for a comfortable sports that is not damaging to my knees, as well as not requiring a team to do, like frisbee. It is also good for strengthening my lower back. I can now swim 50 metres in one go, albeit inconsistently. Next goal would be to improve my consistency and stamina, then improving my techniques and strength.

5. Improve my core strength

This is partly related to swimming, but applies more to my general wellness. I have long known that my core strength has been exceptionally weak, even amongst those who that do not actively work out. My normal sit-up counts is around 25–28 right now without any training, which is pretty terrible. Core strength is can help improve posture and balance and also pretty much any sports. I want to be more athletic and stronger in general. Improve my core strength would help a lot.

With so many goals, I should probably prioritise them or make up some basic schedule to accommodate at least some of these activities, besides swimming which I’m already doing twice every week. Long has it been known that I am a person that wants to do too much and end up only talking about them. I guess the biggest resolution for me as always, is to fight procrastination just do what I have to do. Anyone can talk about lofty goals; we’re only defined by what we do.

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