My Experience at Webconf.Asia 2018


In JSConf Asia Singapore in January 2018, I heard about Webconf.Asia. Few months later, I managed to get three day-off and gave myself an unexpected and satisfied conf-trip I never know I would have.


The whole day workshop was the reason I signed up in the first place. They gave me the whole picture of the related topic. Day in and day out, I did a lot of Google search, browsing StateOverflow and reading articles here and there to chasing what is new in the field. Leaving the office for a few days and immersed myself in the hand-on workshop 10 to 5 is a nice break.

With well-organized material, I learnt, revisited and practiced a lot about Asynchronous Javascript (asynchronous pattern, promise, generator, async/await and loop) and CSS Layout (Multi-column, Flex and Grid).


When I looked at the lineup of the talks, I knew this was a good one, but I didn’t know I would have learnt this much.

From the beginning, all the slides had good layout and were easy to read regardless how far I sit from the screen or what kind of the condition of the projector was (which was not so good, especially when it ran more than half day. There were moving black dots and lines on the screen in the afternoon. Nevertheless, the content was still legible and enjoyable).

From concepts of web, latest skills / features with practical tips, and some wow effects, I did not just learn some new idea and tricks, I brought back idea I want to use in work / side project.

Other things

The size of crowd was not a big one, and very friendly and easy to chat with any topics. The pre-party and after party were fun. Food were good and healthy, also ice cream stand!

There is no WiFi in the venue, which means you have to bring our own connection solution. I just bought a pre-paid SIM card in the Hong Kong and the salesman also helped with setting.

After the trip

Well, I already came back to daily development life in Taipei. With new knowledge under my belt, i am fixing features with consideration of the event loop (效能優化筆記), doing new layout with better understanding with Flex and Grid (both in upcoming PyLadies Website and new layout I created in this week).

Looking forwards to 2019.

My new cup to remind me this trip