Pooping, hard work-outs, and focusing.

One of the biggest questions I had before starting this diet was a simple one- what about poop? Through all my life I’ve had a not-so fantastic digestive system. I always struggled with dairy, I’d sometimes go from constipated to liquid to anywhere in between when pooping in strange (to me) places, stress has a particularly direct effect on my digestion, and all the farting and gassing and bloating you can think of has bothered me at one point or another.

This diet is heavy on fat and diary, both things that mom told me throughout my whole life I should just have a little or I would practically die, so I was naturally concerned. Heavy whipping cream, cheese, and butter are staples here -not to mention the 70%+ fat I have to eat every day- so I was a bit concerned.

To my surprise I’ve been fine. I fart *way* less (confirmed by my poor gf) and the smell is nowhere near as bad as carb-fueled farts. I don’t feel bloated at all. I’ve been regular-ish besides what I like to think was an adjustment at the very beginning. I feel it’s still way too early to declare a victory but the changes over this week have been noticeable.

Remember how I mentioned a stressful Thursday to Sunday where I couldn’t really exercise and had to work for the full day? This would have meant anxious snacking on sugary cereal, chips, and whatever I can get my hands on through the four full days. None of that happened, and my brain was working pretty well. Focusing felt better and easier, and my energy levels felt constant. Big plus on this diet.

I could finally work out yesterday! So I decided to put me to the test. I packed some almonds with pink salt -30 grams of raw almonds for 15 grams of fat, 6 grams of protein and 3 grams of net carbs-, headed out to the climbing gym, and did some light bouldering as a warm up then campused for an hour. This involves different ways to go up and down without using your feet pulling off of really shallow wooden rungs:

This wall is 15 to 20 degrees steep. not easy.

In other words: high intensity-maximum effort. It felt pretty great. I had dinner after that and I was not feeling particularly worn out, hungry, or more tired than I should have.

So far so good… oh I forgot to get bio-metrics so those will come tomorrow :/


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