Keto twenty three

11:15- Restate my assumptions. Recalculating my macro numbers

Kudos if you got the reference! If not, you should go watch Pi: Faith in chaos. Due to an unplanned, extra sweet dinner and what I think was a faulty ketones measuring strip, yesterday morning I thought I was out of ketosis. I stayed calm, had fatty coffee for breakfast and some water, then measured again. This time the strip turned that off-purple color that return some keto peace of mind again.

Main reason for the dinner. Worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you DnA

This “scare” got me thinking and led me to invest some time into re-tuning my macros: Am I having enough fat, carbs, and proteins? Am I meeting the suggested ~70, 25, 5% ratio? so I got to work. Here’s how my macros looked:

180 fat, 20 carbs, 120 protein.

I added them up (320) then multiplied times 100 and divided by the total. This should give me the percentage, right? it came up to this:

56% fat, 6.25% carbs, 37.5% protein.

That doesn’t look right. So on I went to do some research and check what was wrong with my numbers. Rookie mistake! I used grams of stuff instead of a common denominator. Obviously (now that I learned, that is) fat, protein, and carbohydrates caloric density is different. So I looked into the caloric density of my macros and came up with this:

1600 Cal, 80 Cal, 490 Cal.

I added them up (2170 Cal) and got the right percentages:

73%, 3.6%, 22.5%.

There it is. Solid macros. This is the website with the best macro calculator and explanation that I found. Also don’t forget to recalculate your numbers at least once a month and plug in your activity levels accordingly, as that changes often. This are my new macros:

200 fat, 20 carbs, 125 protein -> 74%, 3.3%, 22.7%

And my bio metrics as of this morning: 158 lbs, 12.1% body fat. I’m back to my regular exercise levels and I’m feeling pretty great!


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