Kingsley Amis and various lists

There is yet another top 100 English novels list out there right now (presumably limited to one work per author) and they put “Lucky Jim” on it.

If you like Kingsley Amis I’m sure you are shaking your head. (If you like Kinglsey Amis I’m sure you are always shaking your head.)

“Lucky Jim” is a nice fun book, no doubt an amazing debut and a groundbreaker in its time. Everyone should give Lucky Jim a read one time. “The Old Devils” is his best book and one of the best books ever.

This is not a hipper-than-thou “deep cuts” opinion. TOD won the Booker when it was published. It was regarded as the capstone of his career. It might have the greatest closing line of any book ever. (And the opening scene is not bad either.) It is a book you read every five years until you die.

Again, if you like Kingsley Amis.

Amazon link, if you got drunk and gave away your last copy again:

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