Choisissons nos candidats pour les élections de 2017

Hi All,

@Baptiste great comment, I agree with you the team is not diverse etc… the good news is that it does not matter, as the goal here is to support and serve anyone like you, who have ideas and opinions whoever they are as long as its legal... When I’ve propose this idea to my friends, Thibault imediately steped in and had since built an amazing team and commited to execution and the original idea as already evolve and is a now a new one … And I can’t wait to see where it wil go months and years from now (My original idea, was less serious but that’s another story : ).

The project here is indeed a tough one, but as this blog post explains we’re reaching the limit of the current system. Years ago you could work in a garage and become president of the senat, this looks like science fiction today! (é_Monory)

I’m convince the team should stay in the back and not influence any discussions and commit to extreme neutrality, letting the community building itself.

For example you have very specific (and great) ideas and you are eager to help / change things, therefore you should be able to express your voice and come with your ideas and propositions so you can too build your own commnity (if you got traction of course).

What will be key I think is for all of us to agree to support a group of people that are not profesionnal politicians even though we might need some of them as they understand the institutions better than anyone… Either way let’s get back to what democracy is at it s best, a way to represent the people!

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