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It’s what they call me.

My name is Pei-Jeane Chen. Like most first-generation children of immigrants born in the U.S., I grew up despising my name. I was given an ethnic name, a name that was both a phonetic representation of my Chinese name—沛君 (Pèi jūn)—with an Anglo-twist that would allow me to assimilate a bit easier.

My first taste of assimilation occurred when I was enrolled in a predominantly white private school. The first thing that the teachers suggested was to drop the “Pei” part of my name because it would be too difficult for others to pronounce. I was Jeane Chen in my yearbooks. …

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A meme I came up with at 8 in the morning.*

This totally happened just now. At 6:30 am, my cat woke me up to be fed. I had stayed up until 3 in the morning fervently searching for Korean beauty products on, because a few hours before, I stumbled across this article on The Korean Skincare Routine. My search immediately resumed at 6:35 am when I hopped back into bed, excited by the possibilities of super soft, smooth skin.

17 products later and 113CHF less in my bank account, I sank contently (and slightly guiltily) into my pillow to try to catch a few more Z’s, as daylight crept through the blinds. …


Pei-Jeane C. Keller

Taiwanese-American writer living in Luzern, Switzerland.

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