9 Tips for Popularizing Your Salon in 2018

Everyone wants to promote their salon and raise revenue, but it’s never easy. We have to know what our clients want from us and how can we make them know we have what they want. That is why marketing is so important to the beauty industry, below are some tested tips I want to share with you as a salon owner who is in the beauty business for 4 years.

Start a twitter chat

Twitter Chat is a scheduled group chat that people join in and discuss a certain topic at a specific time with a customized hashtag. It’s a good way to expand the awareness of your brand and increase your twitter followers. Participate in some twitter chats and learn how it works before you start to host your own Twitter chat, prepare a topic which is relative to your brand and invite your target audiences/clients to join and talk about it. Prepare some expandable questions to ask participants and encourage them to answer instead of redundant questions that lead to a dead end of your twitter chat.

Email/SMS marketing

You sure have a list of email address and phone number collected when everytime people call to make an appointment, use them properly to increase your salon’s sales by sending out campaigns and discounts for the happy hour through email and SMS marketing. It will be perfect if you send them personally and you will need MMF Salon tools to save your time so that you can customize your campaign and send them to your clients every time automatically. Actually, email marketing can do much more than this, get a list and send clients with valuable information about your business, don’t forget to make an impressive subject to emails you are going to send out, or they will all get lost in your client’s’ email jungle.


Thanks to Instagram’s impressive algorithm for new feeds, you can now upload good works of your salon and grow followers who like your works. Make them clean and beautiful before sending your works to Instagram, it will be a good way to promote your business by adding hashtags that your target customers are interested in. Running your Instagram account is a long-term job and it might not pay off immediately, you need to do more in order to gain more. You can try some tricky hashtags which are able to bring you a lot of followers at the beginning, such as #followfollowback, #like4like, #folloforfollo, etc.

Appointment invitation

Sending appointment invitations to your clients every month will be an efficient approach to bring back your old customers who haven’t show up for a while. Make the invitations to be personal to every customer, and try to convince customers it’s time for them to make a new service appointment. There are some great tools from the internet which can do the job for you so that you can make personal appointment invitations for each of your customers and ask them back automatically every month at the time you set.

Send out attractive flyers

Giving away flyers helps people to know about your salon business directly, and there are opportunities for you to promote your salon to potential customers. It works well if you have an interesting, attractive flyer which they would like to keep instead of throwing away. Now come out with a good idea of design and contents for your flyers before you print it out, people won’t keep it if you don’t even like it yourself.

Words of mouth

People always believe in their friends’ and families’ recommendation when they are planning to buy something or need some services. So if you can ask your existing customers to recommend your salon to their friends and families, you are having a big step forward to success. Make sure your service is great enough to make them be happy to bring their friends to your salon, and of course something in return for that is necessary, such as giving away a free haircut every time when they bring a new customer to the salon.

Local Press

Pressing your salon on local newspapers and magazines is another way you must try for marketing. Build a good relationship with editors and pitch your salon business when there is a good time, I believe they will be happy to talk about it if you are hosting an impressive event or activity. Inviting editors to your clean and beautiful salon personally to have a tour/interview can help your business to earn more credits of expectation from them.

Facebook Ads for local area

Facebook ads is a really good tool if you are doing local business, it allows you to target a specific area when you are setting up your target audience, only people in the area you set will see you ad, and the area can be set as small as 10 miles away from the location you choose. Setup target audience after setting release location of your ads and upload ads contents with clean and clear images, texts.

Sponsorship with local events

Sponsoring local events and activities is able to increase the awareness of your brand, contact with representatives of events and tell them what you can do for the events, money or technical support. Pick some events/activities which is relevant and has long-term benefits to your business, so that people recognize your salon next time when they make a decision between you and your competitors.

Hope you can find something useful here, and good luck to your salon business.