10 Novels Turn You On Instantly

Summer is hot as hell. But there is something hotter.

Come check the following spicy and steamy novel to figure out what you can do when you’re alone at home.

  1. Sleeping With My Sister’s Husband

“Don’t touch me!” Xia Ranran glared at him and struggled, “You are married! Go back to your wife’s room and sleep with her. I’m not your plaything!” Her voice was hoarse and she looked resolute, “From now on, you cannot touch me!”

“Show me how you can get away from me.” Huo Beiting smirked and pressed on her, “Xia Ranran, accept your fate. You are my plaything, unless I get tired of you. You will always be my lovely plaything. I will ride on you, play with you, and torture you!”

The next morning, Ranran got up dizzy and found Huo Beiting was flirting with his new wife.

“Darling, was I too gentle last night? You don’t seem to be tired this morning.”

Qiao Kexin’s face reddened, “Shut up! Ranran is here. Stop being a jerk.”

“Well, I can be more jerk.”

2. A Slave To My Foster Brother

Ava Reed is taken into by the Collins family since she was young when her parents passed away. Now that she has grown up, Liam Collins wants to make her pay for taking away his father’s affections from him by making her a slave to his non-brotherly desires…

3. A Marriage Deception

After marrying Alex for three years, Crystal finds out the marriage is just a lie. A lie Alex makes to take revenge on her for Maya, his first love.

4. The Space Between Us

Wrongfully accused of being her boss’s mistress, Coreen was fired and kicked out of her company of 5 years as a secretary. On her way home with her shoulders down and thinking of ways how to get a new job for her sick sister, she overheard a lady offering a high salary of being a maid. Desperate and in need of money, she accepted the position not knowing that her new boss is nothing compared to her new one. Royce Sullivan is the real epitome of asshole who taunted and insulted her continuously. But Royce Sullivan also hates human contact with anyone especially to a stranger like her. Royce built a wall between them — -literally. Coreen found herself in a desperate position when Royce offered her of being his playtoy. In the midst of it, Coreen found herself wanting more, needing more, craving for more. She found herself dreaming about the day Royce will finally touch her with his bare hands. To finally cross the space between them.

5. Controlled Sex

1669 Ian Worthington’s life as a pirate has always been filled with excitement and the thrill of the sea, but as stimulating as it once was, the young captain finds his heart longing for a new experience. King Edward, of the Island of Westerly, has spent the past 20 years traveling the world, researching the perfect routine for sex, but he needs someone willing to test his technique. For Ian, it sounds like the perfect solution for a dull life. Angelique Abbott holds her father in her arms as he drew his last breath. Unable to see the completion of his dream, the king’s goal to bring a bordello and peace to his little island is left on the shoulders of his daughter. Morals and inexperience pull on the young queen’s conscious as she tries to find a way to make her father’s dream come true, but she’s forced to accept whores on her island. With Ian’s promise to see the king’s technique put into action, Angelique finds her hands full. Can the pirate captain save her island, while rescuing her lonely heart from

6. Open Marriage

I thought of a way to s-spice up our marriage.” “That’s great, tell me.” I don’t know why he was so nervous to say that. “Is it sex in the jacuzzi? There are two very old couple who has been there for hours, they might be sleeping or dead but either way, we can make it work.” I winked. “An open marriage.” I paused, trying to understand his words. A what? Our marriage is falling apart and there’s need to spice it up. An open marriage for 2 weeks can help, right? But let’s not forget the rules, after all not everything is open in an open marriage.

7. Carter Brothers

Dane Carter is the youngest of the Carter brothers and at 18 he’s only got a few more months until he finishes high school and inherits his family’s legacy of BDSM clubs. Good thing he’s already found his soul-mate then! Only he hadn’t expected her to be ready for his kind of lifestyle before. However now, catching her reading a raunchy book-he’s ready to claim what’s his. And he won’t stop until she’s stripped, tied up and screaming in pleasure for him. With a jealous cheerleader adamant that Dane should be hers, Emery may be faced with the tough task of the one to fight for her mate.

8. Mixed Feelings

Venessa foster 18 years old cute, naive, and kind-hearted person, she is a brilliant student who was living a normal life with good grades until she meets a devil living in a greek god-like body. Lorenzo Francisco, 26 years old ruthless, cold, unforgiving manipulative and merciless businessman. As C.E.O of Francisco group’s, he has billions on his name. The wind carries the way he kills and manipulates people making everyone tremble in Los Angeles. He was envied by men and wanted by women. Dominance or submission? Which will win this game?

9. She Demon

Guarding a house full of slaves was her job and only death was the way to quit the everyday drama, at least that’s what she thought till she met him, her new pet.

10. Power of Desire

Aria was deeply hurt after discovering her boyfriend’s infidelity. But she never thought that that painful experience would lead her into a situation that she does not know how to avoid? Or maybe she knew but she doesn’t want to? It was James, a handsome man who only want from her is a baby and of course, sex. But how about her heart? What is the assurance that she will not fall in love with the young man when all she wanted in a man was what she saw in James?

All these would surely turn you on instantly.



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