Grit Trumps Everything Else

It’s supposed to be hard. The hard is what makes it great.

It was just last year I went through many challenges. I learn to see life in a different way. A whole new perceptive. Fearless.

Now I am meeting my opponent. Mr Crisis.

The definition of crisis is:

Yes, I see every challenge as an opportunity to grow in my weakness.

Life is an eye opener when unexpected things throw at you.

It begins with back to my full time career and yet I could not cope. Frequent panic attacks and low mood affected me badly. My mother suffering from schizophrenia is making things worse for me by triggering me (bringing up my past couple of times, seeing me as her enemy and saying nasty words). My uncle brought in his friend to stay for a time being. This leads me to quarrel with my grandmother and father (my important people in my life). Work environment is changing too. Endless things going on.

Instead of asking myself ‘why it is happening’. I look in another way ‘How can I improve these situation?’

I am resilient as I take challenges as a way to learn. To rise. To push my limits. To grow.

I cannot stop external situation happening to me. One way to conquer challenges is to be in control of myself. Mindfulness practice is a way to assist me to check-in with my emotions. It allows me to stay focus on the present. I am aware that unpleasant issues will not stay forever.

My character is really tough. When life hits me, I stand up to hit right back. I don’t wait endlessly to hope things will improve like a miracle. I am not in a denial stage. There is always a strong fighter in me. I will find every means to get back up.

I feel amazed in myself. I am so proud of my growth. I manage my expectations to cater my needs.

I learn to be adaptable to changes by getting an increase dosage of medications. It definitely regulate my mood better.

I learn to let go what it is not meant to be for now. I have converted my full day career to half day work.

Now, I left with no choice. I have to shift out of my house. It is time to reclaim ‘my inner child’ back. A sense of freedom is coming for me.

I am unsure whether the choices I made are right. If the choices turned out are not wise decision, I will learn along the way. It is just a life process. I rather be the decision maker than anybody who makes decision for me.

I bet many of you are taking things for granted in life. Not for me at all. Especially if you faced death before. You learn to live fully.

My gratitude towards life:

I am grateful for every breathe that I take.

I am grateful for having a job.

I am grateful for having opportunity to live on my own.

I am grateful for having the skill to bake.

I am grateful to enjoy every single moment in life.

I am back for a better purpose.

To achieve great things in life. To advocate. To be a change maker. To be happy.