Interview Materials

Interview is a keystone effecting to apply a job. When you make it to an interview, perhaps one of the most important things to remember is that there is no real downside from here on, so long as you have done the preparation. Hopefully, you will end up getting the job, but even if you don’t, you’re getting valuable practice in doing interviews. Remember that practice definitely works to your advantage. Never let yourself become jaded, complacent, or pessimistic just because you’ve been to a few interviews without getting the job.

Professional Self Introduction

Hi, my name is Peiyao Lu. I am a senior in University of Minnesota Duluth majoring in Accounting and minoring in Mathematics. I will be graduating in December 2017. Then I would seek for an accounting master degree in the U.S. So now an internship or entry level accounting position is what I need. After school, I am going to finish the CPA exam. My dream job is a public accountant. And my final goal is to set up my own accounting company.

S/TARS Examples

S/T: When I was doing a tax return volunteer at UMD, I had to meet a customer who was not trust me at the beginning. I could tell from that customer’s face and her words which I can not even understand. That made me uncomfortable and I even had thought to give up that customer.
A: I knew this VITA experience was so important for me. So I adjusted my mood and smiled at her even I was unhappy. I did a great job for her with my excellent professional skills.
R: Finally she believed in me and even gave me some ecouraging words. And she gave me a good feedback. I felt more confident and willing to speak to others more.
S/T: As for a group project, there was a member who was so introverted and not willing to talk with us. But that group work needed everyone’s opinion and can finally completed. But other members were embarrassed to force her talk.
A: I came up with an idea which was let her write her opinion and suggestion on our team work. She agreed and wrote a letter to our group members saying that both her ideas and the reason why she was not willing to everyone.
R: We adopted her ideas and made it into our whole team work. Then we successfully submitted it. Our group members were closer and we found another way to communicate better in the future as well.
S/T: When I was doing part-time job in a restaurant in China, I have met a customer who is so particulate to our dishes. He asked me to explain it because he was not pleased at all. I can even felt how angry he was at that situation.
A: I used my whole strength and communication skills to talk to him to let him calm first. At meanwhile, I invited the chef to talk with us about the dishes. Finally the customer was obtained additional fruits which was free by our restaurant.
R: That customer was pleased finally and he said he would come to our restaurant next time because of our great service. Also we get a valuable suggestion made by the customer to let our restaurant be better which can lead a win-win situation in a long term.