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Starship is bringing autonomous delivery to the world. We are here to solve the last mile delivery problem with fleets of sidewalk delivery robots. Starship was the first company to begin operating autonomous delivery robots in public spaces already in 2017 without safety drivers. Today Starship is the leader in the autonomous delivery space and has completed more than 500,000 deliveries to customers. We’re operating in 5 countries( including the US and the UK) with hundreds of robots delivering 7 days a week, 365 days a year. More information about the company background is available here.

People may think Starship is all about Robotics. In fact, only a handful of engineers in Starship work directly on that. We are building a rich set of products to automate delivery, and Starship provides multiple challenges to solve, both from a hardware and software point of view. In Starship, we design and build our robots — both the hardware and embedded software. We’re also building the backend infrastructure and services to communicate with the robots. On top of that, we have the marketplace connecting the consumers of the service with the merchants. Robots are autonomous, but in some situations human help is needed. Remote operations enables us to deal with the trickier situations where automation is too risky or technically expensive. We also have people in the service areas where we operate, ready to help them out and charge them overnight. Since the robots need a cm-level of accuracy, we have built our own GIS-based 3D mapping solution (you can read more about it from the Starships Engineering blog). …


Pekka Kosonen

Building software platforms, products and organizations.

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