The Power of Change…

Today is the seventh day I try to change my life with a new habit. A week ago I committed to myself to perform night prayer, just before dawn, which at these winter time is about 5 to 6 a.m., but not just that, I ask myself to do it continuously. I think that is the major difference. because I used to wake up earlier often, but those simple but valuable things don’t always happen.

When I started to commit to this prayer, and give my effort to exercise it, I feel happy inside, really happy. it lifts my life each day, I feel more powerful in term of the spirit and will of life. At the same time I feel light and joyful. And this isn’t the best part yet.

Despite of just a few days since I have begun this prayer routinely, and even one of them, I was a bit late, I felt the improvement in my daily life already, I developed even newer and better habit until today. First of all, in the fourth or fifth day, I was able to make myself fully awake in the morning, which is better than before when after finished my dawn prayer I tend to fell asleep again. Secondly, started yesterday, I am successfully awoken myself and start to work in my full productivity after dawn prayer. and thirdly today, I still continue that habit and in addition, I started a new good habit to read and memorize 1 verse of the Holy Qur’an, and I feel great.

This writing to remind me of myself, to make me remember the joy of change toward the right direction. and I pray may Allah guide me and my family, my teacher, my friend, every Muslim, and everyone in the right path now and always. Amin