Frequently Asked Questions about the Pelatum Intelligence Lab®


Here are a few FAQs about the 30 day Intelligence Lab® delivered by our team at Pelatum.

QUESTION: What are the objectives of the Intelligence Lab®?

ANSWER: There are 3 objectives:

  1. Help teams Align data to what’s important
  2. Build the mindset and skillset in teams to Ask better questions to data
  3. Unlock collective intelligence of the team

QUESTION: Who is the Intelligence Lab® for?

ANSWER: Business teams and analytics teams. We work best with a business challenge where leaders want to find transformational value from their data and analytics investments.

QUESTION: How long is the programme?

ANSWER: Teams are set the challenge during the Intelligence Lab® to find actionable intelligence in 30 Days. We have found that during this time, two things happen; firstly, we discover meaningful value and apply it to decision making and secondly, we embed the right behaviours to make change stick.

QUESTION: How many people attend each programme?

ANSWER: 12–18 is an ideal size of group.

QUESTION: Can participants come from different teams?

ANSWER: Yes. We encourage cross functional teams from the very start to capture alternative perspectives and view points.

QUESTION:Who delivers the programme?

ANSWER: The Pelatum team. Guest speakers from your business will also support the delivery of specific sessions.

QUESTION: What are the topics covered by the programme?


Slow Down to Speed Up

Ask Better Questions

Understanding is perishable

Information vs Intelligence


QUESTION: Do participants walk away with tools they can use?

ANSWER: Yes. We share our proprietary methodologies and award winning I.P with all participants. Below are some examples of tools that they will apply to their business challenges during the lab:

Key Assumptions Check

Outside-In Thinking

What If Analysis

Alternative Futures Analysis

Question redefinition


Devil’s Advocacy

Hi Impact / Low Probability Analysis

QUESTION: What are some of the behavioural shifts that we can expect during the Intelligence Lab®?

ANSWER: Leveraging our research in this area, we use the following list of common obstacles as a starting point for behaviour change:

1. Bandwagon Effect

2. Confirmation Bias

3. Faulty Logic

4. Flawed Assumptions

5. Gaps in Understanding

6. Uncertain Times

7. Groupthink

8. HiPPO — (Highest Paid Person’s Opinion)

9. Insular View

10. Limited Perspectives

11. Optimism Bias

12. Silo Thinking

13. Multiple Hypothesis

QUESTION: Other than Graham Hogg, who else is speaking, instructing, leading workshops?

ANSWER: Senior Leadership from the Pelatum team, and subject matter experts in each discipline lead key presentations and workshops.

QUESTION: How do I know if the timing is right for my business to attend?

ANSWER: The subject matter is applicable to all businesses. All of the following apply;

  • You’re looking to find value from your analytics investments
  • You’re looking for guidance in building a data culture strategy
  • You’re looking for advice on how to overcome business obstacles to become more data driven
  • You’re looking for ways to more effectively overcome a business challenge
  • You’re looking to understand how to structure and build impactful ways of working between the business and analytics teams
  • You’re looking to break silos of intelligence across your business
  • You’re looking to help your business teams ask better questions

QUESTION: What does the schedule look like for the 30 days?

ANSWER: Broadly, we break the Intelligence Lab® into three sections:

DAY 1: INSPIRE business teams to ask better questions

We start with an immersive experience where teams are introduced to the right mindset and skill set to work together.


Lab team(s) will learn how to align analytics to business value creation

Lab team(s) will learn how to collaborate more effectively and ask better questions to analytics

Lab team(s) will learn how to effectively translate and share insights across their network to unlock their collective intelligence

DAY 2–15: ALIGN analytics to key business areas

Identify the most important business challenge and align to WHAT decisions need to be made and WHY. Closing gaps between business and analytics teams


The process breaks down organizational silos, promotes transparency and creates causality between analytics capability and initiatives and the overarching objectives of the company.

”Off-Lab’” analytics projects are also identified so that effort and scarce resources can be diverted to the areas where the most impact can be achieved.

DAY 15–30: UNLOCK collective intelligence

Teams are set the challenge to identify what data they need to collect to drive value in a cross functional environment.


Clarity around what data is going to drive business value.

Questions to data and unknowns that they hadn’t previously considered possible.

QUESTION: What are the results of the Intelligence Lab®?


Mindset change. From data reporting to fuelling innovation.

Skill set increase. Increase in confidence to challenge assumptions, group think and bias using Pelatum’ tools and expertise.

New ways of working. Clarity around a way forward to implement agility and speed of decision making.

Increase business engagement — +300%

Increase ROI of analytics — +40%

The result of the 30 day Pelatum Intelligence Lab is not only business value but lasting behaviour change.

Teams walk away with the tools, skills and behaviours to overcome obstacles they face going forward and embed lasting culture change.

QUESTION: I have more questions, how can I speak with someone?

ANSWER: Please send an email to


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We help our clients change the mindset of teams to ask better questions to data and get better business results.

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