How to move from ‘Analytics order taker’ to ‘Business partner’

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In this article you’re going to learn exactly how to help your embedded analytics teams move from ‘order takers’ to ‘business partners’ and unlock immediate value from this investment.

I will also share 3 tools that your analytics teams can use immediately to transform these interactions everyday across your business in a fast and cost effective way.

Let’s dive straight in.

All too often, analysts act like order takers to the business and not getting to the real challenge and need.

We hear this from our clients at Pelatum everyday as the conversation moves from technology to business culture and ways of working.

And it’s not only us who are hearing this;

“Yet we would guess with high confidence that the great majority of spending on big data and AI goes for technology and its development. We hear little about initiatives devoted to changing human attitudes and behaviors around data. Unless the focus shifts to these types of activities, we are likely to see the same problem areas in the future that we’ve observed year after year”

- NewVantage Partners. Connecting Data/AI Investment to Business Outcomes

Here are three resources that you can share with your embedded analytics teams to help them become more effective business partners:

1. Framing the problem checklist

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The first step in becoming an effective business partner is to understand the business problem before you try to start solving it. With this resource your analytics teams can capture their understanding in a simple and logical format to put some rigour and consistency into those business conversations. There are two additional benefits here;

Close Semantic Gaps

Learn how to build strong alignment across teams by removing jargon and getting everyone on the same page.

Run Effective Meetings

Expose all members of the team to the business problem and its impact.

Get access to this resource here.

2. Team mindset check list

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This resource will trigger a new mindset in business teams. By having this conversation around this shift you can start to prioritise opportunities for behaviour change on both sides.

There are three additional benefits here:

Create effective connections

Learn how to create the connections between your available data and those who can take advantage of it in your project teams.

Clarify direction and business value

Learn how to put in place a structure that gives your analytics talent the freedom to act autonomously and quickly — aligned to the business.

Improve meetings and interactions

Learn how to broaden team understanding of future customer needs, avoid jumping in to wrong conclusions and broaden team focus.

Get access to this resource here.

3. Find intelligence not just data

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Learn how to quickly change the mindset between the business and analytics teams and provide a platform for effective intelligence gathering.

1. Set clear direction

The process starts with bringing together a diverse team that is united by a common direction, the WHAT and the WHY that drives everyone.

2. Formulate Intelligence questions

Learn how to determine the question(s) that when answered will provide a coherent level of understanding and inform decision-making.

3. Collect the right data

Learn how to identify those bits of information that are collectable that will help confirm or deny the answer to the overarching intelligence question.

4. Stage effective Analysis & Feedback

Learn how to ensure that the intelligence question and information collection requirements are constantly revised based on an ever-changing situation.

Get access to this resource here.


Providing your embedded analytics teams with these resources, when designed specifically for your business, will achieve three things;

  1. Drive engagement and retention of your top analytics talent.
  2. Increase the utilisation of your analytics investments through business results.
  3. Remove frustration from the business as they are part of this new culture and way of working.

About the author

Graham began his career as a Royal Marines Commando Officer, specializing in Intelligence. He is now the CEO of Pelatum, helping Helping Executives Unlock Value from their Analytics Investments through People. He is the award winning author of Seeing Around Corners.

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