Contact Manager — Add a new Contact

Yesterday my main focus was working on my Contact Manager app and the ability to add a new contact. I’d already created the Contact class, and knew how I wanted it to look.

I was able to create the user interface class and get that to work. That took a lot longer than I’d anticipated. I thought after Friday I was in the clear, but I continued to have issues with the BufferedReader class. In the end I went back to Scanner which worked better for me.

I also created a ContactList class, which has a list of Contacts objects. When the user creates a new contact through the interface, the Contact is automatically added to the list in the ContactList class.

My next steps on this project are the ability to view all contacts, and then to edit an existing contact.

I’m cautiously optimistic that viewing all contacts will be relatively straightforward. I think that editing contacts may be a bit more challenging, but now that I’ve done most of the set up it shouldn’t take as long as adding a new contact.

My repository for this project is here and my most recent pull request is here.

We also had an Apprentice Retro which was a great experience. We’d gone through and put up a bunch of post it notes of things that had happened since the last retro (which I wasn’t here for). In the end we found one of the common themes was about estimating work, and spent most of the retro discussing that.

One of the actions that has come out of it is to track our time spent on different projects, and see if that gives any insights. Yesterday I started using Forest but I think today I’m going to just use my pomodoro timer and see if that works better for me.

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