Java — Slowly but surely

Final day of my first full week at 8th Light and a really exciting task on my list. The task is to build a simple hangman game in Java, no need for TDD (yet), just get something to work to get comfortable with the language and syntax.

I don’t know what I was expecting, but I hit quite a few more stumbling blocks than I was expecting. I think the fact that I would quite easily be able to build a hangman game in Ruby left me with the impression that I could quite easily do one in Java. This hasn’t been the case so far.

From Codecademy I’ve got a basic understanding of the syntax, and I’ve learned to get really good at googling. The issues that I was finding was that I would think about what I’d want to do in Ruby, and then just try to figure out how to do that in Java. At one stage I got to a point where I questioned everything I thought I knew about Java, and was worried I was building it incorrectly. This caused me to slow down and second guess myself which didn’t lead to the most productive of days.

I’m actually kind of glad that I ran into a few stumbling blocks with Java, because it gave me some time to reflect on how I’ve been working to learn this new language (albeit only Thursday afternoon and Friday morning)

Today I’m going to go back to very basics and do what I should have done from the start. I’m going to break every problem down into the smallest form, and focus on one thing at a time. If I run into trouble I’m going to ask for help.

I have every confidence that today will be a more productive day!

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