Monday — Week Three

Mondays at Makers Academy are quite the change of pace; very different day to every other day of the week. Mondays are reserved for going through the weekend challenge with your pair, marking each other’s code via a rubric, refactoring, making it better, and watching a walkthrough of an experienced programmer going through the exact same challenge.

I don’t see why anyone who hasn’t done the challenge would want to watch this — but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I think Mondays are good since they are less intense, but I probably would prefer to get started on the weekly challenge. I could just be too much of a nerd and so keen to get started on a new challenge…

Or a new coding project!

On a social side of things, I think we are all getting to know each other quite a bit better, and things feel quite a bit less awkward. It’s now pretty nice to have conversations with people, not just awkward small talk! That said, we still talk code 90% of the time.

Things I Learned

  • How to hide my personal details by using Environment Variables
  • There are many different ways to do the same task and get the same result.
  • Time is flying — the next cohort started the pre-course today!

Things I want to learn

  • Thankfully not too much, but I’ve had the day to go through my entire code. Mainly just thinking things through before I start, a lot of times I come up with a complicated solution to a simple problem.
  • Where to use a private method

Things I’m struggling with

  • The fear that we are only focusing on Ruby, and starting web tomorrow!
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