In my last post I detailed my preparation for the Makers Academy interview. I had every intention of keeping the momentum going, but unfortunately life got in the way.

With quitting my job, packing up my entire life, leaving Melbourne, spending a month in Canada and a month in Thailand, I ended up really taking my foot off the gas and didn’t continue preparing as much as I had hoped to.

While I was in Canada in August, about two months after my interview, I did a Lynda course on the Command Line which was helpful. I started going through The Well Grounded Rubyist, but I realised I’d forgotten enough that it was too advanced for me. I decided to work through Learn to Program again, and enjoyed that until I got stuck at Chapter 10, ironically called There’s nothing new to learn in Chapter 10.

By the time I got to London, one week out from the pre-course, I decided it would be best to focus on fundamentals. I set myself up on todoist, and linked my account up with pomodone, as I’m a huge fan of the pomodoro method.

For the last week, I treated study as my full time job (ie min. 40 hours a week) I started to work my way through Learn Ruby the Hard Way which has been a great way to trigger my memory. I then decided to re-do Codecademy Ruby, which felt easy and helped my confidence. One thing to note is that Codecademy doesn’t let you reset your progress on a course you’ve completed. I ended up creating a new user id to do this.

Today is 10 October 2016, the official start of the pre-course. I understand that the precourse is part-time should take about 20 hours a week. I am planning on working full time on it, so I’m hoping to get through the pre-course materials, and continue with my Ruby study. I’ve bought Learn to Program and The Well Grounded Rubyist so would love to get through them before the official course starts.

I’ve just received my email inviting me to the Makers Academy Slack Channel, where I’ll get my next instructions.

Let’s do this!
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