Thursday — Reflection & Javascript

I won’t make this very long, since I’ve already posted today. This morning I got to Makers and started reflecting on my unbeatable Tic Tac Toe. I don’t want to get too meta and reflect on my reflection, but I think this is something that I’m going to do more often. I don’t think I reflect on past projects enough.

The rest of the day was spent working on my JavaScript Clothes Store project. I made some pretty silly mistakes today, I think it’s because I’m overtired.

By 4.30 I decided to call it a day, and I came home to chill out.


I’ve since re-activated Facebook, and check the news. I saw something today that is quite true for what I said in this post.

In terms of the things I was wanting to focus on; I am no longer scared of using variables. I still use them when I’m appropriate. The instincts for TDD is still a challenge. I absolutely write tests before I write code but I still don’t always write the simplest code to pass the test. I really should still focus on that. I’m still not flexible when I do yoga.

Things I learned

  • I’ve been using splice wrong in Javascript — I have been trying to remove the item from the array, not checking the index. I’m kind of horrified that I haven’t screwed up more from it…

Things I want to focus on

  • Continue on the JS store
  • Using Vim

Things I’m struggling with

  • I’m still just tired…
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