Thursday — Week Six

Today we had our Christmas lunch, which our amazing self appointed social secretary organised to be catered at Makers. It was pretty awesome!

We had some great conversations, food, and just enjoyed talking to each other about things that aren’t code related. A few of us got a pretty sweet selfie too!

The main purpose of this week has been working in a team, communicating, and collaborating. That being said, my team didn’t get much work done today… Before lunch, we got one of our databases working this morning, as well as all our styling (Bootstrap makes life CSS so easy!), and separated out our controllers, but that’s about it.

After lunch quite a few people in the course went back to work, but my team stayed down and socialised some more. It took every fibre in my being to not say “ok fun’s over” and go upstairs and work by myself, or try to get some of my team back working, but I’m actually pretty proud that I was able to let loose. We all really needed it.

Hangovers of those in my team who may have indulged a bit too hard pending I think with the bit of a break we had today we’ll be able to hit the ground running tomorrow, and get a ton done in our last day. Then we have TWO WEEKS OFF FOR CHRISTMAS!

I’m trying to figure out what I want to do as a project over the Christmas break. I’m torn between focusing on Javascript (maybe rewriting some of my Ruby projects into Javascript), learning a framework like Node, React or Angular, or else trying to learn, build and deploy an iOS app in Swift. Any ideas would be much appreciated.

Today I learned

  • Bootstrap
  • Sometimes you need to socialise over work

Things I want to focus on

  • Finishing this project!

Things I’m struggling with

  • The seniors graduate tomorrow. That means my mentor and several people I’ve gotten friendly with are gone. That also means that my cohort are going to be seniors. That is absolutely terrifying!