Tuesday — Front end realness

I wrote a blog post today about what I’ve been working on for the last few days — you should take a look!

Today was the day I needed to finish my front end project, and it was a huge day — but I’m happy that I got it in on time!

I also got some awesome news, that I’ve got a couple interviews for jobs that I’d applied for through Makers. Three interviews this week — it’s going to be intense!

Tomorrow I’m doing a full day ‘craftathon’ tomorrow, which should be a lot of fun. Here’s more info!


I was really concerned about dependencies and interactions when I first started! It’s nice that I’m a bit more comfortable now!

Things I learned

  • So much about front end
  • How to refactor out some parts of massive functions

Things I want to focus on

  • Refactoring HTML out of JavaScript functions
  • Front End feature testing in JavaScript

Things I’m struggling with

  • Honestly, this might sound like I’m putting the cart before the horse, but the only thing I’m struggling with is the idea of what to do if I get a job offer while I’m waiting for one that I want even more.