Tuesday — Ruby & Meetup

You know how I was complaining about getting distracted yesterday? Well I’m happy to say that didn’t happen today!

According to Github I did 25 commits today, which is super productive!

I was working on the feedback that I got on Thursday, and got my entire Tic Tac Toe interface tested. I should have done it at the time, and I won’t make this mistake again.

I got nearly everything on the ‘must have’ list of feedback done, and most of the ‘nice to have’ list as well. There’s only one big thing that I want to do tomorrow, and a couple small things, and I’ll be ready to submit.

This evening I went to Dinner & Code with a talk on “Feminine Code” from Mollie Stephenson. The food was delicious, and Mollie did a great speech. It was really interesting to hear her research, and talk a bit more about diversity in tech. We then stayed around and networked quite a bit, which is nice. This was the 5th Queer Code meetup, and so I’m really starting to get to know people who go!

Things I learned

  • Testing puts statements in Rspec
  • How to get around “string”.to_i = 0 (I used regex, but could also use Integer(var))
  • Always test while you go — going back and writing tests isn’t too much fun

Things I want to focus on

Things I’m struggling with

  • I’m just tired and need a break. I thought I’d get one later this week, but now I’ve got another tech test, so I probably won’t get a break until Monday.


I remember this day well! It was the first time Sara and I worked together ❤. I was struggling with Sinatra, and while I’ve used it a bit more now, I haven’t really used it recently. I probably was better with it then than I would be today! (Though I’m much better at Problem solving now!). I’m not sure what I meant by ‘where to put if statements’? Get and Post are interesting, though ultimately, Get is for information you want to receive, and post is for info you want to send.