Tuesday — Week Eight

Ever since signing up for Makers, I was wondering if and when this would happen, and it finally has… I got violently ill.

I got showered and tried to go in, but I just couldn’t do it. I’m glad that I didn’t, because around 10am I took a turn for the worse.

I don’t want to TMI this, but to give you a hint of how bad it was, let’s just say that I’ve got burst capillaries around both of my eyes and it looks like I’ve been in a fight.

I spent the entire day in bed with the lights off, either sleeping or just lying there. I couldn’t even bring myself to read or watch TV. My stomach really hurt if I lied on either side, so I was just lying on my back. It was not a fun day at all.

Now I feel like I’m really far behind on this Rails stuff. I just hope that I can catch up…

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