Tuesday — Week Two

Today was a great day! We started on our new weekly challenge which is to create a smartcard ticketing system like Oyster or myki. This is far more exciting to me than it should be, but that’s because I worked in public transport ticketing in Melbourne from 2010 to 2015, so this hits close to home.

My pair partner and I decided not to follow along the steps provided, we wanted to build it in a way that made sense to us from the user stories, to see if we knew what we were doing. This was really fun because it showed that we actually knew where to start and how to approach some challenges.

The way we chose to design this is using a card-is-king model (like myki), and we are bringing in balance and a journey objects that the card object controls. I’ve wanted to build something that has lots of classes that interact since I started reading so this is great.

We also had a professional photographer come in and take pictures for our Github and Linkedin profiles. It was pretty fun to be a model!

Famous model

Things I learned:

  • How to reference a method of another class
  • Branching — Previously we’d just done this to create our next day’s project. Today we branched it to try a different feature. This was really cool.

Tomorrow I want to focus on

  • More about class interactions
  • Limiting dependencies

Things I’m struggling with

  • Nothing today!

As I write this we are watching the RSpec Testing Framework with Ruby Lynda tutorial up on the big screen here at Makers, which is a good way of doing it. I don’t think I’d be watching it or paying too much attention to it if I didn’t have these people here for moral support. (he says while blogging…)

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