Put on your good sturdy boots, there is a very long road to travel

There are many efforts, small and large, that are organizing, against the president who lost by more than 2.8 million votes. Many here in Texas are hyper focused on two efforts. The first is resisting the second place president and the federal Congressional and Senate legislators supporting said second place president. The second, is resisting the emboldened Texas Governor and the Republican held state Senate and House. And this is not just occurring in Texas. This is happening in many states across the union. However, there is a larger and longer term picture that needs as much and if not more equivocal attention: state and federal races for 2018 and 2020. Why? That is when redistricting is up again for remapping in Texas.

Texas is one of several states that suffers from extreme gerrymandering which directly affects state and federal election outcomes. There is still at least one case being adjudicated from Tom Delay’s tactics back in 2010. Yes, seven years AND this is still in the courts. There is a great void in outward activism focusing on countering the gerrymandering and a greater void in fundraising for the great 21st Century power grab that is occurring before our very eyes in real time.

For the sake of preserving Democracy, not Democrats, or Independents, or Libertarians, or whatever other parties there may be, the people of this great country will need to give extra. Extra time to organize or participate, extra patience in repressing the aggressive attacks on our democracy and constitution, extra empathy in listening to the other side of the issues, and always, unfortunately, extra money to give to the proper causes and lawyers who are going to rebuff and fight hard against the undermining of our American values.

We will need a strategy to help inform and quash the alt-journalists who continue to disseminate the alt-American agenda from the executive branch of our government. We need candidates now in every contestable race at the state level and federal level. We need to use the tools available to make this fight happen, including the use of PAC’s. We will need to take a deep breath and assist those running full steam in the resist movements.
 Finally, we must move forward with an aggressive offense now, or we will be stuck with this emerging alt-America. This will be the longest marathon you will ever run. Put on your good sturdy boots, there is a very long road to travel.