24 Hours — No More! No Less!!

I spent a few moments yesterday, looking at the wall clock, watching time pass before my eyes. I know you must have read or seen it somewhere that nobody whether rich, poor, educated or illiterate is given more than 24 hours daily

Though this is an article on the subject of time, I will not be doing what most writers do — I will NOT be giving any tips or advice on how to effectively manage your time. Instead, I will be discussing on time itself and who knows maybe you could get inspired on how to do things right

Though the number of hours in a day are equally distributed, the use of time is a very relative matter; People have different jobs, activities and appointments to catch up with, so you can’t expect a high school student and an accounting executive to use their time uniformly.

The student will have to attend classes, after classes do a little homework and could still have enough time to play street soccer or basketball. On the other hand, it’s a different ball game which doesn’t include hoops for the executive or any other member of the working class. Some companies have working hours of 8–5, some 9–5 and others 8–6.

People have to rise up from bed based on their proximity to work or school, activities for the day or to catch up with their early morning jog. While others are so busy that they have no time to eat or drink anything apart from their morning coffee and perhaps their dinner.

Our 24 hours includes the time we sleep, time we are stuck in traffic or waiting on a queue. Our time keeps on moving and doesn’t wait for us. There are many times I have had to beg my wristwatch to hold still when I’m running late, but it never responded to my plea.

Though a lot of proverbs say that it’s a wise thing to wake up early, it’s also a wiser thing to learn how to achieve tasks faster. There’s no point waking up earlier than usual and still get late due to sluggishness, someone who wakes up late can still catch up with you if he or she is fast.

Those who have problems keeping up with time should learn the art of running. Yes! I said running. You’ll save a few seconds or even minutes if you’re a really good athlete. Though that’s a practical joke, you know it’s definitely true. You could decide to walk a bit faster so people don’t think you’ve lost your mind.

Based on my personal observation which I believe is accurate, people spend a lot of time engaged in small talks, chatting and other unnecessary conversations. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t say you shouldn’t socialize or hang out with friends but when you have a lot to achieve you’ll keep the chatting to a minimum.

It feels really great to accomplish all you’ve planned to during the day but we must avoid being caught up with striving to achieve all we can that we begin to act like computers. Please I beg of you try to be spontaneous, relax, breathe in and out, laugh and give someone a hug.

I wish you success in your time management journey

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