99 Problems! 1 Solution!

I have exactly 99 problems and I need urgent help!

Almost everyone has problems, even the little child that just learns how to say the word “problem” has a couple of problems as well, (he might want a backpack or food pack of his favourite super hero just like that of his classmate) even those with uncertainties about the future claim to have problems.

Why is all these happening to me?
Why is it only me?

I used to ask these rhetorical questions before but when some people started telling me the issues they were dealing with, I completely stopped and I just felt grateful, so grateful

The basic problems of the average man ranges from where his/her next meal would come from, how to pay their rent, pay the tuition of their kids, clear their medical bills and a host of others

Most of the problems we have or the problems we think we have are what we beat ourselves about for no just cause (Not all problems but most). Before you start criticising me, let me explain.

So you have 3 problems and sit and do nothing about it. Of course, the problems will continue to thrive as you have given it a suitable environment by laying there fallow doing nothing about those certain issues you are dealing with.

For example, take look at my opening statement, a person that has an exact number of 99 problems and needs immediate help. The time that could have been used to thrash out pertinent issues has been used to calculate the number of problems. Just a clear case of misdirected efforts!

I sincerely hope there’s no one reading this who has exactly 99 problems as that would be[devastating but thankfully, there is a way out of all your problems. Just like medicines are used combat diseases, keys are used to open locked doors. Solutions are used to crack problems.

Rather than lamenting on how many problems you have, think of solutions.

Solutions don’t just drop on your head, the same time you use to lament on your problems could and should be used to think of ways to solve the problem. There’s always a solution to any problem, if you can’t devise any solutions, you could ask trusted friends, mentors etc. for assistance.

Things hardly ever happen, you need to act on them. So if you have problems or maybe you even have 99 problems, the only solution is for you to act on them.

You don’t have a job, apply anywhere and everywhere, someone would get across to you, running short on your rent, think of a means to increase your cash flow.

Do something, act on it and VOILA!

Problem Solved!