I’ve got faith in You!

We’ve got less than 2 minutes before our cover gets blown. Where is the getaway car?
My friend is coming with the car, I’m sure he’s on his way
Dammit! 45 seconds to go and this operation will be a failure. Where’s the car?
He will be …
Black car screeches and the two undercover cops get in and the car speeds off.

Who do you put your faith in?

Who are those select few that always have your back whenever you need them?

No matter how independent or self-reliant you think you are, you always have this person who you trust for something and you are certainly sure that that person will never let you down.

Friend. Sibling. Relative. Parent(s). Colleague. Mentor. Accomplice. Whoever?

There has to be someone out there who always saves your butt just when you need them. The good thing is that they don’t help or save you from whatever you’re facing because they expect something in return. They do it because of the relationship they have with you.

This implies that those who you put your faith in and those who always have your back could decide not to help you anymore if you have problems with them or begin to take them for granted.

It is important to have good people skills. Relationships are important and the advantages are numerous when you have good relationships with almost everyone you know.

With a nice, friendly and kind-hearted attitude, you could easily build good relationships with people and have more people who would be willing to stick their back against the wall and do all they can for your sake.

So, have you got any friends who you put your faith in and they have never let you down? Such friends are scarce so take time out to appreciate them and build good relationships with everyone as you never know when you might need them.

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