Somebody Help! I Just Got Robbed

Thief! Thief! Thief! He just stole from me.

It was a perfect atmosphere for a theft, slightly dark environment, no camera surveillance, and a massive crowd so he could easily get away.

I didn’t even realize, he had stolen from me, until he was long gone, so there was no way I was possibly going to recover those items. It was gone and gone forever.

It’s not what you think. He was a different kind of thief, very skilful in the art of stealing, taking my belongings in such a subtle and cunning manner.

Let me cut out the drama and tell you how it all happened.

I was at the bus park waiting for a friend and a gentleman definitely older than me, wearing a black T-shirt, blue jeans and also carrying a black knapsack asked if the seat beside me was taken. And before I knew it we started talking.

Now, I usually don’t talk to strangers and I still don’t (It’s one of the things my mum taught me) but the guy was so courteous, so friendly, no nice and because the friend I was waiting for has not yet arrived and I didn’t have a book to keep me busy, I decided to continue the conversation with this young man.

I had no idea that while we were talking, he was stealing from me, he kept the conversation quite interesting, he just made few statements here and there, while I did most of the talking, making me discuss several topical issues with him, he asked various questions, asking for my take on management, business, finance and the kind of things, I would create or develop if I had a certain amount of money.

Like clockwork, exactly 2 minutes to the time my friend would arrive, we shook hands and he left the park. After the conversation with him, I saw that I was drained of energy, I suddenly became weak, my head started to ache and as I saw my friend approaching, I realized I just got robbed.

What did he steal?

Nah! He did not steal my wallet or my phone but something much more than that.

Like I said earlier, He was cunning, he found a way to make me speak passionately about my thoughts on certain issues, which might be beneficial to him, what he might have paid heavily for if met a consultant.

Be careful of some conversations you have, some attempt to take all your ideas, thoughts and concepts and they don’t contribute or add any value to the conversations.

Beware of such people, they are just out there to rob you.