The Personal Assistant! The Slave!!

This article is not intended to ridicule or abuse any personal assistants or secretaries who might read this article. The author understands what you go through and strongly believes in the dignity of labour

Boss: “Type all these documents for me, let me have them in 30 minutes.”

P.A “Yes Sir.”

Boss: “Clear my schedule tomorrow, it’s my wedding anniversary”

P.A: “Consider it done Sir”

Boss: “I need you to follow me for an official meeting at 6pm, it’s after office hours but you have to be there”

P.A: “Yes Sir, I’ll be there”

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

While still in high school, I thought the job of a personal assistant was really cool. They were always carrying a notepad and a pen, having exclusive access to the boss. I really liked that.

Later on, I realized that though they were close to the CEO or top executives in a firm, they were literally glorified secretaries.

Taking midnight calls, arriving to work before their boss, covering up for their laziness, though they might be privileged to be at high-class events or top notch occasions, they also have to be at places they really don’t want to be.

They follow commands blindly, they don’t have time for themselves, and they do all that for the sake of their jobs. I believe a job of a personal assistant is meant to be different from that of a secretary but sometimes they do the jobs of secretaries as well.

Running to and fro, scribbling down notes that would be useful later, getting coffee etc. Personal Assistants out there deserve some credit. Though slavery (as used in the title) seems to be a really big word but you get the picture.

To all secretaries or personal assistants out there, continue to do your work faithfully and try to work your way up believing that you’ll get your reward soon.