About me


I’m from Ukraine. Yes, it is that small country near Russia. Actually, it’s not small. It’s even quite big — the biggest in Europe. Bigger than Spain or France. Sometimes foreigners call us Russians. Ukrainians hate this. Not because we hate Russians. We don’t. OK, some of us don’t like Russians. But many of us tolerate or even admire them (we call that last category ‘vata’ and it’s connected to some kind of warm clothes… it’s very complicated to explain the etymology, so, never mind).

I am an engineer (sounds like a typical sentence from English textbook). I have very interesting work but it’s very boring to write about it.

About my family. I have a beautiful wife (if she reads it, she will appreciate I called her beautiful, although she really is) and two sons. Still can’t believe that I’m that adult.

I think that is enough for the start.

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