CrystalClear brings a new revolution in online or offline services

As always I will discuss about an ico project technology blockchain. As we know in this age of technology has become a part in everyday life. Various kinds of services such as applications in our android hp is a daily consumption of human beings.

We often use services such as transportation, banking, cleaning service to baby sitter.Namun service can we access easily only if we can online.Not longer we face sejulmlah flow of funds that are not transparent, and so forth. There will be many obstacles in every service and service that we encounter, there is always the risk that unscrupulous customers will not pay for the service, on the grounds of fictive deficits and poor quality of service for example.

Immediately crystal clear. Crystal clear is a blockchain ico project technology that brings revolutionary technologies both online and offline. This system will be useful in ordering services, auctioning or paying services and providing feedback in the crystal clear service. Interpreting it is easy but this system has been proven to have more than 12 years of experience and has been based on the service delivery system to the previous community, we know how to change this market and can drastically improve the quality and volume of services using the latest technology Blockchain Etherium.

We know that every project that develops in network technology blockchain will produce a system in which we can see transparent transactions directly. So it has a high degree of credibility. Crystal clear service takes place in transparent blockchain technology that gives every user the freedom to control every service available in this platform.

All local services are in your hand whether it’s a transport service, repairs, health, security, computer and many more. The system is easy and simple, the booking service is only done in a few clicks. Find the right people according to the reoccendation of this system. Make auctions according to the required amount. Can also be money in trading market exchange. The system on this platform can be used easily even if the user does not know at all not very understand the IT technology. Because like an application in hp that stay one click then service will be available immediately.

This system will be available in the form of a token crystal clear service or abbreviated CCT. Each user will be able to take advantage of this token to pay for the services available in the system, this will automatically ensure the liquidity of the CCT token from the real economic sector.These tents will be released in the market market after completion and every initial buyer will get many bonuses of course will Very profitable when sold on makret bursa.

This CCT Token is scheduled to be sold on presale from 31 July until 7 August alone there will be up to 50% bonus on presale, and at its token sale on 1 september-1 october 2017. A total of 10,000,000 tokens are available. Prices are generally 0.01ETH per token. These tokens use Ethereum blockchain as their platform so make sure to deposit with Ehereum that support ERC20.

Name: Crystal Clear Token (CCT)

Standarted tokens: ERC20

Initial token issue: 10,000,000

Token price: 1 CCT = 0.01 ETH

Platform: Ethereum

Because sere often many users even use ethereum exchange as wallet paymentnya.Setiap tokens to be provided in the platform ethereum will not be accessible if using a wallet that does not support erc20. There are lots of Ethereum ERC20 wallets out there like parity, mist to myetherwallet.

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