NIMFAMONEY: Loans With 0% Interest To Purchase Cryptocurrency

NIMFAMONEY — Capital is a vital factor for everyone to run a project in a business. Without strong capital makes it difficult for people to start and develop a predetermined plan. For some people getting capital becomes a quite disturbing obstacle. It sometimes makes a person or company that he runs into less advanced because of difficulties in collecting capital.

Provider of capital that has been there for this classified as difficult for most people. These capital providers often apply a strict rule of thumb. High interest rates, as well as administrative screening are difficult to meet by customers. With such circumstances require the capital provider industry to innovate so that the ability of a person to get a loan becomes easier, practical and reliable.

With today’s advanced technological conditions, people are beginning to understand Blockchain. A currency that has a certain exchange rate. Many people who make this Blockchain as an alternative business even become their main business in the future. However, for some people constrained the problem of capital to buy some of these coins.

Currently in the world of capital has spawned a new service that makes it easy and profitable for someone who needs some capital to run the business plan. This capital world revolution was pioneered by Nimfamoney.

Profile of Nimfamoney

Nimfamoney is the first company in the world committed to providing capital for those who need to buy Cryptocurrency. Nimfamoney operates fully decentralized. You will get a capital service with 0% interest, the loan you get can be directly used on the stock exchange or purchase tokens issued by other Blockchain companies.

With the existence of Nimfa Money makes you be helped in borrowing a number of capital without the need for difficult requirements and interest rates incriminating. Easy is not it?

Why should Nimfamoney?

You will ask why you should join and use the Nimfamoney service to solve your capital needs problem. Here we will give you some reasons to consider:

  1. 100% Secrets (NIMFA’s capital grant without personal data)
  2. Without Verification and Rejection (0% interest, charged only 10% of profit)
  3. Received additional revenue up to 260%
  4. Decentralized and Automatic (Loans without Control by one organization)
  5. Each NIMFA token purchased on ICO lets you borrow 3 tokens
  6. 2.5% bonus if you can invite people to join ICO

Nimfamoney Price Growth

For example, the value of 20,000,000 NIMFA issued on this ICO is $100,000,000. After getting a loan, for example amounting to 3000 NIMFA then the obligation you have to pay is 30000 NIMPA (Without Interest)

100% of the loan principal (30000 NIMFA, 1 NIMFA = $ 5) + 3.3% of the loan amount ($ 495) paid in advance is automatically transferred To a decentralized crypto loan fund 100%. This means the total amount of available funds increases each payment, Increasing any NIMFA exchange rate proportionately.

Given that the current number of NIMFA tokens of 20,000,000 is equivalent to $ 100,000,000, in the future the value of the outstanding NIMFA token (20,000,000) will increase to $ 1,000,000,000 or even 10,000,000,000 depending on the amount of the loan.

And 10,000 NIMFA tokens allow you to borrow a 30,000 NIMFA tokens worth $ 15,000 in September 2017 in a matter of one year could turn into the same 30,000 tokens, but $ 150,000 worth, easily accessible for the loan holder.

And everything is run decentralized. Not only one country, bank or people can manage this NIMFA Token. Everything is run transparently.

Project Plan Nimfamoney

  • The first stage
  • The second stage (Development of Nimfamoney)

Details of NIMFA Release on ICO

The number of NIMFA tokens released on ICO is as much as 20% (20,000,000) of total tokens available. With details :

  • 1 NIMFA = $5
  • 20,000,000 NIMFA = $100,000,000

During ICO Nimfamoney made a rule that everyone is entitled to get 100,000 NIMFA tokens or the equivalent of $500,000. This is done in order to be decentralized.

Thus, the maximum number of NIMFA 100,000 tokens allows NIMFA holders to have 300,000 NIMFA tokens (or $1,500,000). The final amount of loan funds will be 300% of all token sales in ICO. This is what lets you get 3 times as much money from the cost of buying tokens at ICO.

TIM Nimfamoney

  1. Max Tarasenko (Nimfamoney Founder & CEO)
  2. Dan Suvorov (Chief Technology Officer)
  3. Vlad Pezhemskii (Lead blockchain-developer)
  4. Alex Kharchevnikov (Chief Marketing Officer)

How? With the ease of the system offered by Nimfamoney make your capital problems easy to overcome. Immediately join and participate in changing the capital loan services system for the better in the future.

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