PEMF Technology: A Proven Elixir For Arthritis Patients

Arthritis is one problem that is reportedly affecting a great section of people especially the aged ones with some mild and severe joint pains. Now, this problem exists in many forms and one in every two individuals suffers from one or the other kind of arthritis. And more than the problem with which these people suffer it is the problem of finding a reliable treatment for the same so that there may be relief in the pain and make them able enough to walk freely. Though one can find a number of remedies readily available for the sufferers but some of these can even make the condition more bad and the suffering increases rather.

The PEMF technology is concluded to be one of the reliable one to alleviate these pains as a fast cellular repair happens when electric energy is used to stimulate it through magnetic pulses. The electric pulse passes through the damaged area and sends an electrical signal to the cells. Its studies and trials have shown positive results in the direction of improvement. This is a remedy that has been proven to be the most effective manner to induce mobility and less pain in the patients who had been living with this pain for a long time as this is anyway a better solution in comparison to the conventional one.

To cite some of the trials, it was a batch of 27 osteoarthritis patients who were initially tried for the PEMF pain relief therapy. This session was in the continuation for a month and there were in total 18 treatments, each lasted for 30 minutes. And as a result there were some of the patients who felt 50 to 60% relief in their joint pains. They can easily move without feeling much of the pain in their joints, giving a thumbs up performance to the therapy used. The other trial constituted of patients with symptomatic OA in their knees. This test was actually a comparative test between the conventional placebo treatment and the new PEMF therapy. There were some patients that were treated using the old method and rest was treated under the second therapy. And it was seen that the latter patients shown a tremendous improvement in the mobility and pain which was not seen in the former treatment.

So, these were the tests that were conducted to analyze the extent to which this treatment can help people suffering from arthritis. For those who are interested in adhering to this innovation can find these treatments available in the hospitals nowadays. But it is better if these clinics are searched online. PEMF 8000 Pro is one such name that can be trusted in the area. Visit the site for more details.